Hello Mount Pleasant Senior High School Class of 1973

The class of 73 reunion attendees

I want to use this post to thank everybody who attended our 50th reunion.   I also want to thank again the folks who helped make the affair a success, Wendy Massey, Roger Poole, Marc Seeherman, Janice Tigani, and Judy Turcol.   I also want to thank John Norton, a vice principal at the high school.  John conducted the school tour on Saturday morning before the reunion.  He also assisted us in getting a Green Knight (nicknamed “Henry” by me) as a reunion mascot.  Included with this email is a group picture taken at the reunion. (Click the above image to download.)

I want to offer a brief summary of the event finances.  There were $1,360.00 in checks deposited.  The reunion bank account balance was $9,002.54 (from credit cards) prior to disbursements (including $352.54 pre-reunion balance).  Cash received was $1,199.00 for a total funding of $11561.54.  

The reunion expenditures for the banquet, DJ, and badges were $11,209.00.  The total funding of $11,561.54 less the disbursements of $11,209 leaves $352.54 in the reunion checking account (the amount we started with).  

All the cash received were donations to help defray the cost of the reunion.  Marc Seeherman, Jeff Gunther, and I made donations to support this reunion.  Janice Tigani covered the cost of the park reservation (which most unfortunately got rained out).  Without the donations, the event would have cost an additional $10.00 to $12.00 per person.

The idea of a 55-year reunion was broached at the banquet and was received with enthusiasm.  The 50th reunion committee will initiate discussions to bring that event to fruition.  For those of you with busy calendars, this post announces a “Save the Date” for June to September 2028.  

One of the near-term (next three to six months) projects is to make email addresses available. The committee needs to consider all of the email addresses that we have including attendees and non-attendees for privacy requests.  In the meantime, the committee can be contacted via mtpclassof73@gmail.com for more urgent needs.  The response may not be immediate but we will do better than three to six months.  I also urge folks to view the mtp73.com and MTP’73 Let’s Get Together Facebook group.  There are additional pictures in the Facebook group.  On a more somber note, if you know of classmates we have lost please let us know via email to the mtpclassof73@gmail.com account or the form at the bottom of the in-memory page.

Until we meet again,

Steve Lubliner