Moving Forward

I hope everyone had a great time. I sure did.

I had spoken privately to several individuals about the site over the last couple of days and 2 things have emerged on the class wish list.

  1. A class directory. has this already, but frankly there’s a few of us that despise that site. Plus for to be useful, you need to pay for it.On the other hand, I don’t want to dump everyone’s contact info on the web for just anyone to grab.

    So in the next week or month or so I will migrate everything we collected to the site and put it behind a password protected screen. I did ask on the sign up, and will honor anyone’s request, if they’d like their information to be left out of the information display. I figure I’ll show your name, city and state, and your personal stalkers will just have to google you to end up at your front door. On the other hand, the reunion committee needs your current updated info to make this job really really easy next time.

    Leila Frick also asked that I add an option to indicate a classmate’s interests so it might be possible to find other classmates that are golfers, skiers or maybe even cancer survivors.

  2. A photo gallery. (I should have this soon. Just got a ton of work at the office this particular week.) I haven’t decided on a photo gallery software package. I’d like to find one that would allow anyone to upload their shots.As a side note, I use for my personal photography (Basically my cats and dogs). There’s an entire world of social photosharing sites out that I was tempted to make a social group and let people upload there. I’d be curious to hear people’s thoughts on just doing it that way.

Finally, these posts on the mtp site have the option to add comments. You need to register and I do need to moderate the comment, to keep the “comment” spam down. And if anyone’s curious about that, I’ll send you a sample of the nonsense that can fill an un-moderated form on the web. You’ll see on this post mary humanick has already added a comment.

Lost & Found.

I lost my voice… On the other hand did anyone lose these? Left at the sign in desk.

Let me know and I’ll get them to you.

Oh, looks like the next one (according to comments I’ve heard) will be homecoming weekend 2013.

I really don’t know what the date will be, but that’s a start.
Keep in touch!


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5 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Thank you carol beth and roger and who ever made it possible. I have to say I didn t know what to expect since in high school I really didn t fit in anywhere the people I talked to and made me feel like it was just yesterday that we spoken, and that they knew me forever as idrove back to south carolina I did a lot of reflecting on my life from high school now. Thanks again.

  2. Thank you Roger, Beth, Marc and Carol. It was great to see everybody at the event. I really enjoyed myself.


  3. Beth, Roger, Carol, and Mark, Thank you so much for all you did to make this weekend so much fun. Robin, thank you also for helping your mom. It was great to see you again.

    Friday night was a blast. Stanleys as an ice breaker. Wow what fun! Leila and I even ran into someone from the past we wish we never met. (Not from MTP) Then off to the Wings restaurant to listen to Nick’s band. That was awesome. Flash from the past. . .

    Saturday and the Charcoal Pit! ! ! Even ran into some old friends their!

    Saturday night , , , we could have danced all night! and some did. Dave’s confession was awesome. A few more of us could have but did not. AHEM somethings were meant to be forgotten.

    The Picnic was a nice way to end a great reunion. It is a shame more did not show up for that.

    I look forward to another great time in five years. Organized or not there will be a reunion at the Doubletree, GIRLS.

    See you in 2013 if not sooner.


  4. Carol, Beth, and Roger:
    Thanks so much for inviting me to the reunion and for all the work you did to make it such a success. Carol Tylecki Mitchell (second floor librarian) wanted me to pass along her best wishes. She fell in the house (tripped over something) and broke her finger in three places, bruised her cheekbone, and hit her head. She called me to say that she wasn’t feeling up to the trip.
    Thanks again for a most enjoyable evening!! Great job!!
    Marge Windolph

  5. Carol, Beth, and Roger:

    Thanks for a most enjoyable weekend, We need to figure a way to do this more often (at least every five years). The web site will be a great way to communicate and, if anybody has ideas for some get togethers in the interim, e.g. a group tour, let’s do it! Leila’s suggestion to indicate tour interests would definitely help.

    Steve Lubliner

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