Anita Lynn

Mount Pleasant friends. I ran into Judy Turcol this morning. She tells me Anita Lynn passed away last Thursday. (1/19/2017)
(Hospice was involved. No obit in the paper.)

Bill Golt

Always a surprise and a bit sad to open the News Journal obits and see someone you know.

I had a crazy goofy conversation with Bill back at the reunion where he overpaid and I refunded the overpayment before finding out he was sponsoring one of our classmates. I had to bill him the extra. He paid it with no problem. But on the night of the reunion, he showed and left within 10 minutes of getting there. Did anyone actually talk to him?

Here’s the link.

Ham Evans

This comes from Charlie Sands via facebook.

For all my Delaware friends who may not have heard yet, Ham Evans passed away last Thursday evening. Ham and I met when we were both 5 years old and in kindergarten together, and he was my first best friend ever. Later, we played in a couple of bands together in elementary school and high school. Although we hadn’t been in touch for quite a few years, I’m missing him already.

Link to his obit at Delaware Online