Ham Evans

This comes from Charlie Sands via facebook.

For all my Delaware friends who may not have heard yet, Ham Evans passed away last Thursday evening. Ham and I met when we were both 5 years old and in kindergarten together, and he was my first best friend ever. Later, we played in a couple of bands together in elementary school and high school. Although we hadn’t been in touch for quite a few years, I’m missing him already.

Link to his obit at Delaware Online

Andy Baker

We’ve just heard through TM Hayes (via Andy’s brother) that Andy Baker has passed away sometime mid December 2010.

We’re looking for obit information. If you know anymore, please let Carol or myself know.

Barbie Ryan

Just saw this in the newsjournal this morning.

Barbie Ryan passed away on Saturday the 23, the day of the reunion. I don’t know the cause of death.
Beth and I had spoken with her about a month earlier. She had called asking about the reunion particulars and I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with her. She was dealing with the emotional weight of a divorce on top of some poor health issues.   In the last year she had spent several weeks (4?) in the hospital in a coma. And although she really wanted to come to the reunion, she didn’t feel healthy enough to make it.

We’ll miss her.